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Growing Stronger Together

We have exciting news to share. 

Envision Unlimited and United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) Seguin of Greater Chicago are entering into a strategic partnership that will create a stronger advocate for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities and those with mental illness. 

Thank you, Cermak Produce!

Written by Kasandra M. and Ruth M.

The people from Cermak Produce donated gift certificates. We bought food for Thanksgiving. Thank you! We went in and said, "How are you doing?" We took pictures. After that, they gave us gift certificates. They helped us out. They donated the certificates to get us the food that we need. Thank you for helping us out, for giving us what we needed!

Members Take Control Behind the Camera

By all accounts, twins Geneva and Geneil had a challenging transition into their new day program at Envision’s Westtown Center last summer. But that began to change after they started attending yoga classes facilitated by Program Coordinator David Pufundt