The Associate Board is composed of a group of emerging leaders who dedicate their own time, talents, networks and resources to raise awareness and support the mission of Envision Unlimited. As an ambassador for the organization, each Associate Board member must express and demonstrate a commitment to the mission and vision of Envision Unlimited.


  • Spread awareness of Envision Unlimited and its mission
  • Give or Get* $500 annually
  • Provide leadership and engagement in one fundraiser and one volunteer event
  • Attend and invite people from your network to Envision events
  • Solicit auction items for the Envision Bright Futures Ball.


  • Become a part of the Envision Unlimited family
  • Network with the Envision Unlimited Governing Board Members
  • Recognition on website and related marketing materials
  • Invitations to special events with Envision Unlimited
  • Special programmatic opportunities.

Time Commitment:

  • Attend at least 75% of Associate Board meetings each year, held quarterly (4 total each year).
  • Attend varying number of committee meetings and special events.

Staff Support

  • Associate Board members will receive regular, timely, and accurate information from Envisions staff.
  • Associate Board members will receive staff support in fulfilling their responsibilities, particularly as members access their networks to secure support and meet give/get requirements.

*The “give-or-get” requirement is a “best practice” in the fundraising space and means that each associate board member is expected to donate a certain amount of money per year from their personal resources (“give”) or help raise money from others (“get”).

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